We offer a wide range of high-quality plumbing & renovation services.


Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are our thing and we manage the entire transformation while you sit back and enjoy the journey.

Getting the most out of these important areas of your home is essential and we will help you make these areas of your home work for you. 

It’s never a good sound  hearing your toilet gurgle and then get the waft of sewerage. With a drain cleaning machine on-board at all times we can get your toilet flushing properly in no time.


For a lot of plumbing problems, it can be as simple as repairing what's already there, saving time and money. At Baulch Plumbing we’ve seen some real doozies, so even if a plumbing problem seems irreparable that doesn’t mean it is. Give us a challenge, we love the tricky ones!

Water Tanks
Melbourne may be getting wet again but we shouldn’t forget how precious water is. Water tanks are a great way to save money and water, from watering your garden to filling up your toilet. Call Baulch Plumbing so we can help you work out the best set up for your property.

Burst Pipes
Water where it shouldn’t be? Hissing coming from inside a wall? High water bill? These are some tell-tale signs of a burst pipe so if you notice them give us a call so we can help detect and fix the problem.


Plumbing maintenance is more a need than a want, similar to a car service, the longer something is left the bigger the problem and cost could be. Simple things like an annual gutter clean can reduce the risk of rust and blocked drains that could cause flooding damage.

Taps & Toilets
The most common problems in a home are leaking taps or toilets. These are sometimes an annoying drip that has been there for months and only takes minutes to fix. Leaking toilets can waste litres of water a day so give us a call to save you money.

Roof & Gutters
From new roofs to roof repairs, we do the lot. We particularly love the challenge of fixing roof leaks, the ones that are hard to find or only happen is certain types of rain.

Hot Water Repairs
There are not too many things worse than getting in the shower only to find there is no hot water. This can be caused by a number of problems so call Baulch Plumbing and we'll get you back in a hot shower quick smart.